19 June 2011

NADIMAC (Ser) - Po Kratkom Postupku (Speed retaliation style) , cd 2011


Here we go ! This is an album you expected since the release of the previous one, and here is Audioheaven to give it to you in advance ! The new album from the serbian Thrash sensation Nadimac is ready, and it is about to hit every single corner of the planet. And man, what an album. Everything is great here, from the production to the structure of the songs, not to mention the great lyrics by Dacha. The lyrics are in serbian as always, but this time you have two songs in english too !! The only bad thing in the whole thing are the countless mistakes in the booklet of this release, but well, you won`t listen to the booklet, so who cares. This is an album I am gonna listen to this summer definitely. And I am not telling this just because the guys are my Thrash brothers and dear friends, you can easily find it out yourself now. Area Death Productions were really lucky to discover them and take them before everyone did, now they have a real deal to sell :) . I will not be surprised if this band do the next album for a big, really big label.
I do not need to say that this is very recommended. And Kretor can piss themselves with the Nadimac`s verion of Pleasure To Kill, hahaha..

01.Hapsi sve
02.Izmedju dve vatre
03.Samo kec
04.Udri pseto
06.Smrtonosni ribolov
07.Gas do daske
08.Vitezi medicine
09.Kicma puca
11.Bekstvo od slobode
12.Pleasure to kill
13.Suicidal command
14.Grinding crossfire

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