16 September 2011

FEAR OF GOD (Swi) - Luzern 07.09.1987.

Another fine live and raw recording of the Swiss masters Fear Of God. I have 2 more live recordings for you fans, and those will follow in the near future. Meanwhile, with this live recording I start with three legendary bands posts, you will like them for sure !

01.N.i.b. (Black Sabbath)+Rubbish planet
02.Proud on your pride
03.Circle a
04.What I see
05.Coform (Siege)
07.Prisoner of your ideals
08.Useless murder
09.O.s.l. (Larm)
11.Burned out
12.Could be fatal
14.Old people (Cynamid)
15.No noise no good
16.Seven up
17.No harmonies no sense+Redneck
19.Trouble maker
20.The kill (Napalm Death)
21.You don`t care (Ripcord)
22.Only in it for the music (Extreme Noise Terror)

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