09 February 2014

RECTAL DESTROYER (Cro) - Privreda I Drustvo, demo 2013

Rectal Destroyer is a funny new band from the city I live in, Varazdin, and this demo proves it completely. I am really not into this kind of stuff (this Aggro Core term is something actual in the croatian underground for several years, and the name itself says it all what is all about), but have seen them live, and all I can get from this is a lot of fun. And a great recording quality too.


Biker Leather Jackets said...

I have never heard rectal destroyer. BUt I like the sound. Thanks for introducing me to them. Will be back to check on what else you have recommended.


Fowl Ideas said...

How's the weather?

Metal Goddesses said...

Interesting band! Cool blogg BTW!

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