17 May 2007

NECROBUTCHER - Schizophrenic christianity , demo 1989

Ok,first of all,let me tell you that all satanic and occult bands are funny to me,but this one beats them all.This is a cult demo,and a demo that I liked because of its crudity and rawness.There`s a lot of sounds you have to listen to very carefully;the vocal is like you gave a microphone to a teased rabid dog,and the drums are the funniest I have ever heard.It is something you simply have to try!!

01.Christ psychic butchery
03.Cerebral disturbance
04.Schizophrenic christianity
05.Noise vomiters
06.Death to posers
07.No thrash
08.Mrs. death
09.Abomination of god


dust noise said...

Great post! thanks for putting this up (the vocals kinda remind me of FEAR OF GOD from Switzerland...),

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Your idea is brilliant


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