13 May 2007

CARCASS (UK) - Flesh Ripping Sonic Torment , demo 1987

We all know who Carcass were,in my opinion the best Death Metal band ever,from the very beginning.One of the biggest band I had the privilege to be the support band,and not only that.
A band that played from the most esasperate and chaotic grindcore to a virtuose Death Metal that was closely the 45rpm version of Iron Maiden.As we all know practicly everything about them,here is their first demo.In a later phase I will probably post some live bootlegs,all as a tribute to a band I really adore,and always will.

01.Genital grinder
02.Regurgitation of giblets
04.Limb from limb
05.Rotten to the gore
06.Excreted alive
07.Malignant defecation
08.Fermenting innards
09.Necro-cannibal bloodfeast
11.Die in pain
12.Pungent excruciation
13.Face melt aaarrrgghhh

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