15 May 2007

MILADOJKA YOUNEED (Slo) - Ghastly beyond belief , lp 1988

And now something completely different...and I mean COMPLETELY.This is for my opinion,along with Sarlo Akrobata`s album,the best alternative music album of all the times that came out from Yugoslavia.Miladojka Youneed is a Slovenian band that played an extremely neurotic Jazz-fucking-experimental-core,and if I tell you Naked City-ish (but well,not THAT neurotic) then you know what is all about here.Supposedly recorded live,this is an extremely beautiful album for the lovers of extreme music,but the one with a big E.The vinyl came out in 1988 (somewhere is noted as 1987?!?) without any info about the band,the name of the songs,no nothing.M.Y. have the track list on their site,so here it is.If you ask me,highly recommended.But it is just me,right?...
PS:The file is originally as on the cd,no cutted songs,just two files,a-side and b-side.The songs 1-5 are side a,and songs 6-9 are side b.

02.YU Special
05.A je u omari..
08.Bis program
09.Swans lake

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