17 May 2007

CARNIVORE (USA) - Carnivore , masterpiece 1985

It is intentional the word "masterpiece" after the name of the album in the title.It should be written on every single note of that album.The band called Fall Out before and Type O Negative after,made this incredible album in 1985 and along with S.O.D`s "Speak English Or Die" the first to have on the cover the well-known NxYxHxCx sign.The music and the production is certainly raw,not as Necrobutcher`s (thank God!) but in it`s own way represents the image on this first album,which differs a lot from the second one (Retaliation).I must admit,the recording you have here is the remastered version from the cd,which doesn`t contain the rawness of the vinyl record I have growth with,but reveals a lot more than the vinyl did.If you listened to the vinyl album and know as me every single sound on it,this CD version will bring you a lot of new sounds that were hidden on the vinyl version.Ok,probably some of them were added later,but all in all they make the listening more interesting,and the sound of the drums is beautifully clear.
It is Peter Steele at his best,lyrically and musically.This record is the reason of the tattoo I have on my right forearm.
And one more thing;I dedicate this upload to the loving memory of KEITH ALEXANDER (guitar),who died in 2005. R.I.P.

03.Male supremacy
05.Legion of doom
06.God is dead
07.Thermonuclear warrior
08.World war III and IV


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