13 May 2007

TALENTI (Cro) - EP 1996 , recording for EP , November 1996

The second and last demo by the band previously called Antitodor I Talenti,on this recording called just Talenti.It was a better produced demo which was supposed to be released as an EP/mini LP or as a side for a split LP with another punk rock band.The band had a big fight few weeks after the recording,and then splitted-up,so the recording remained unused.Part of the band continued as Talenti with a different line up,but lasted just one live gig.The vocalist few years later reformed the band under the name Antitodor,and is still playing.It is a shame that this recording was never used or released,so here it is for free download.Oh yes,no cover for it.

TALENTI - demo for EP 1996
08. December 1996. Recorded at EAR Studio (Stinjan,near Pula)
TODOR - vocal / VECO - guitar / CONGY - guitar / CHRISS - bass / ALEX - drums
Recorded and engineered by Goran Curic-Cotka
Produced by Goran Curic-Cotka and Alex
2.Vise ne trebam te (I never needed you - THE PARTISANS cover)
4.Anarhija u mome gradu
5.Fuck the police

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