18 May 2007

HALI GALI HALID - demo 1988

The Hali Gali Halid demo (which,by the way,I found on the net that it is recorded in 1989,and then again in 1991,and not in 1988,but well,take the date you like,the important is the music in here!!) is a demo that will be fully appreciated by those who know the "music" from the ex-Yugoslavia.This is a mixture of Yugoslavian folk music and punk/alternative,and this is an extremely fun but powerful recording.I`ve just read that HGH (aka Goran Bare,vocalist of the Croatian garage rock band MAJKE,and btw player of ALL instruments on this recording!) recorded this demo literally for 2 grams of heroin.Fuck that attitude,but I invite you to listen to the great music from Hali Gali Halid.And one more thing;Hali Gali Halid released an EP in 1991 called VO-ZDRA.

01.Hajde da se drogiramo
02.Moje srce zna
03.Samo nocas da zaboravim tugu


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