18 May 2007

MOB 47 (Swe) - Studio recordings 1984

This is the greatest Hardcore band ever,and if you know at least a little about HC,then you will agree with that.This is a recording done in 1984,they were the damn fastest band on the planet.The first 9 songs are released on the EP pictured here,and the following 11 tracks came from the same session.The band broke up by the end of the 80s,but they are active again,fast as always and stronger than ever.Enjoy this one and play it loud!

01.Karnvapen attack
02.Rustning ar ett brott
03.Res dig mot overheten
04.Vi rustar dom dor
05.Det ar upp till oss
06.Dom ljuger
07.Ingen framtid
08.Animal liberation
10.Vi kan
11.Snuten styr
12.Nedrusta nu
13.Religion ar hjarntvatt
14.Sjuk varld
16.Dagen efter
17.Vi vill ha frihet
18.Fred och rattvisa
19.Var varld



Alexcro said...

Ok,just to let you know,a stupid motherfucker hidden under a nick Eichmann sent here a very offensive comment,which I won`t even comment.I just rejected it.Constructive criticism is welcomed,offenses are not.Back off you idiot.

Alexcro said...

Oh,and btw,Ake of MOB 47 saw this post,and if he said nothing,why should I trust you?You idiot?And if you don`t like Antitodor I Talenti,you surely are not the only one.But there are people who like this band,so you are an idiot and,as you said,an asshole again.

yogi said...

thanx for this post Alex, Mob 47 is fantastic band, one of my favorites..


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