13 May 2007

HATROSS (Cro) - A Look At Tomorrow , cassette album 1993

This comes from the band that followed to the Devastation`s supposed end,it is just the continuing story,with a completely different line up and balancing now between Thrash and Death Metal.The demo was recorded in August 1992,and the live tracks between the recording and the releasing of the cassette edition.

demo "A Look At Tomorrow"
05.-10. August 1992,recorded at EAR-Studio,Stinjan (Pula)
recorded and engineered by Sandro Perocevic and Goran Curic - Cotka
produced by HATROSS,G.Curic and S.Perocevic
Alex - vocals , Vedran and Davor - guitars , Florijan - bass , Roland Human Drum Composer - drums
guest musicians;Damiano Perra from CENOTAPH-lead on A Look At Tomorrow,backing vocals
Frankie Stranscak from CENOTAPH-backgrowls on Pain,backing vocals
Denis Brhanic from CLUSTER-saxophone on Self Destruction
01.Intro (instrumental)
02.Napalm Fields
03.Dead End
04.A Look At Tomorrow (by Discharge)
06.Self Destruction
08.Outro (by F.Chopin)

cassette "A Look At Tomorrow"
released in March 1993 by "Forum Mladih",Pula
side a
same as on the demo,except for PAIN (rerecorded 01.02.1993.)
side aa
Alex - vocals,drums on 03 and 06 , Vedran - guitar , Davor - guitar on 01,02,04 and 05, Florijan - bass , Chriss - drums
01.Suicide (live)
02.Pain (live)
03.Napalm Fields (live)
04.A Look At Tomorrow (live) (by Discharge)
05.Intro+Bigmouths Sucks+Queen Of Death (live) (QOD by Gordi)
06.noitatsaveD (live)
07.Bigmouths sucks (studio demo 1989)
08.Outro (by F.Chopin)
01,02 - Rakalj , 02.01.1993.
03,06 - Pula , 19.09.1992.
04,05 - Zagreb , 22.01.1993.
07 - studio track by Devastation,March 1989

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