19 May 2007

HELLBASTARD (UK) - Live 1989

This one is a recording I got in my tape trading era,it is a soundboard recording sent directly from Scruff (guitar) to the guy I got this recording from.Not a crystal clear recording,yet a powerful live act from this legendary british crossover-thrash band.I got no titles for these four tracks,so if somebody would like to send the titles to me,I`d appreciate it very much.

Somebody nicked Violent Scimitar (thank you very much) sent me the titles,so..

01.Heading for internal darkness
02.We had no evidence
03.They brought death
04.Death from above


1 comment:

Violent Scimitar said...

Tracks are:

1. Heading for Internal Darkness
2. We Had No Evidence
3. They Brought Death
4. Death From Above


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