19 May 2007

CENOTAPH (Ita) - Thirteen threnodies , cd 1994

First of all,great people and great friends,as well as great musicians,the band Cenotaph from Trieste,Italy released first a demo as Warhead,then few demos,a full lenght album and an EP as Cenotaph,and then I think an album as Necrosphere.They gave a lot to Italian Death Metal scene,and with their permission I will upload all their stuff on this blog.Today two members and the manager from the Cenotaph days are playing in a great Hard Rock (it is hard to say Hard Rock,it is more like Warrior Soul,New York Dolls and stuff like that.) in a band called Fuel From Hell.This album is a great piece of Death Grind Metal,even I like more their demo phase.Try it,this is quality stuff anyway!Grazie a Max e Damiano per il permesso!

01.Larva in corpore Christi
02.At the eerie daemon gathering
04.No gods to pray to
06.Life,an unwanted bestowal
07.Hecatomb in heaven+Satanarchy
08.Anarcogiastic dance
09.Catacombal womb
11.Choir of a thousand laments
12.From ancestral sleep
13.Excommunicate us

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