13 May 2007

ANTITODOR I TALENTI (Cro) - Gubitnik , demo May 1996

This is the first demo of a punk-rock band I formed and played drums in.We recorded this demo in one day,after just few rehearsals,but it came out pretty good.There are four covers and few our own songs.As for pix from the band,believe me,I never had any!!There is one video of our first gig,and a picture from the newspaper,but no pix of the band at all!
P.S:I must say that last year I have sent an mp3 of the Partisans cover to Andy Lealand (guitarist of Partisans) and I got a great response from him,I am so proud he liked it.

ANTITODOR I TALENTI-"Gubitnik" demo 1996.
16. May 1996.Recorded at EAR Studio (Stinjan,near Pula)
TODOR - vocals / VECO - guitar / CONGY - guitar / CHRISS - bass / ALEX - drums
Recorded and engineered by Goran Curic-Cotka
Produced by Goran Curic-Cotka and Alex
Guest "musician" . Goran Curic-Cotka - grinder solo on 6
1.Patike (PLAKATI cover)
2.Više ne trebam te (I never needed you-THE PARTISANS cover)
3.Anarhija u mome gradu
5.Nemojte misliti da se slažem (PROCES cover)
6.Zajedno sa vama (PLAKATI cover)

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