16 August 2007

WALTARI (Fin) - So fine , cd 1994

I was a member of their fan-club in 1995!!!I heard one of their tracks on a Roadrunner compilation,and I was hooked by their Variable Metal-I should call it this way-the skillfullness,the perfection of both playing and production..Really..A friend asked me if I ever heard of a Finnish band..you don`t have to ask what happened anymore;he had to sell me his cd.This album was even better than the track I have heard..Mixing virtually every kind of Metal with virtually every kind of music,plus making it as Metal as they can with preserving the originality of the source..I know,I am bullshitting,but if there is justice,then the Red Hot Chili Peppers should kiss asses to Waltari,believe me.On this album you can even find a Death Metal hidden track at the end of Mysterious (after the silence,blah,blah..)..And what to say about the great cover of The Cure and The Stranglers??...I am not their fan anymore,or better to say;I don`t follow their work anymore,they released dozens of albums,but this one remained for me a true beauty.

01.A new beginning
02.Mad boy
03.So fine
04.A forest (Cure cover)
06.Celtic funk
07.(Your) Nature is wild
08.To give
09.Piggy in the middle
10.Freddie Laker (Stranglers cover)
12.Rhythm is a cancer
13.Misty man

WALTARI - SO FINE , cd 1994

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