16 August 2007

HOPE (Cro) - Hope , demo 2002

I am ashamed for not knowing about this band before..it shows how interested I was in the Croatian Metal scene..well,now I am interested,and I became a fan of this band.I am very happy that in Croatia there is a Christian Thrash Metal band.I received from them their material,so I am glad I can put it here.This is the first of few recordings from Hope I will put here,and this is their first demo,recorded in the rehearsal room,so the execution of the material is purely live and raw.Enjoy this one.And special thanx to Mika for the stuff and the permission!Bog te blagoslovio,prijatelju.

01.I believe
02.The almighty
03.New soul
04.With a smile
05.The Cross (Suffer in serenity)
08.In rememberance

HOPE - HOPE , demo 2002


Mika said...

prijatelju ako trebas jos stogod uvijek se mozes obratiti :) bajdvej blog ti je jao zaniljiv... stovise odlican!!!

Alexcro said...

Ohoo,ne brini,ima jos stvari za koje ces mi pomoci nabaviti.Hvala na pohvali!


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