12 August 2007

DISCIPLINA KICME (Ser) - Zeleni Zub na planeti dosade , lp 1989

Disciplina Kicme was one of the best and most inventive acts of the ex-YU (don`t get me wrong,they still exist),they had an unique combination of bass,drums and trumpet/sax+a lot of samples,very danceable and aggressive at the same time.Through the time,DK`s progress runs from an alternative Punk act (at that phase,the band consisted only of bass and drum!!!),to a Jungle/Funky strange mixture.This was their..uhmm..fourth studio album,if I counted well.I am lucky to play as opener act for DK at the promo-show in Pula (the pic is obviously from that show!),and Koja (bass,vocal) nearly produced my band`s first album.Damn war!Enjoy this one!

01.Tata i mama
02.Zeleni Zub
04.Manitua mi
05.Ukus nestasnih
06.Ah,kakva sreca
07.Planeta dosade
08.Iza 9 brda
09.Glas nestasnih
10.Tata i mama 2

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hvala liejpo! Učim jezik, a davno tražim grupe kao DK. Genijialjno!


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