18 August 2007

ORANGE (Slo) - Madbringer , lp 1983

The biggest Slovenian Heavy Metal band ever,Orange (for this album,on the other albums they are POMARANCA,Orange on slovenian language).Madbringer was the album made for the metalheads outside Yugoslavia and the second band`s album.As far as I remember,the album went good in France,but that was it.It showed again that any Metal band from Yugoslavia can`t do anything bigger outside the country.But,well..this is a very nice one.And it is Heavy Metal.I had the opportunity to see them live in 1983 in Pula`s Arena,promoting this one,and..oh God,it was my first Heavy Metal concert ever!!!I have a souvenir from that show,the whole band`s autographs.

Trivia;There was a funny moment on that concert,at the very beginning of the Pomaranca`s performance,the vocalist came out with a huge axe,raised it,said ; "A Heavy Metal salute:YEAAAAAHHHH!!" and threw the axe to the wooden floor on the stage.Almost in the same moment,practicly the whole stage went out of electricity!!It looked like his axe cut all the cables on stage....

01.Honey,let me feel your pussy
02.Get away
03.Don`t stop,I`m stoned again
06.Got to be
07.Blood lips
08.Your eyes call me back to Tokyo
09.Let the child be born


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