17 August 2007

MERCENARY COCKROACH (Cro) - Steps to nowhere , demo 2006

This is something you must have if you`re a fan of extreme music.This is a new band from Pula,playing a perfectly executed Death Metal.I myself was surprised by the quality of this band,and I have been to their rehearsal room in November 2006,the little I could see there was absolutely stunning,beside the fact that the guys are great friends and totally cool.I am not an exaggerate lover of the extremest Metal,but those guys really kick some f++king teeths off.I will not exaggerate if I say that they are (for my opinion) the best Death Metal band in Croatia.Period.Try it absolutely!!

01.Capitalist values
02.Steps to nowhere
03.Age of deception
04.No on paper
05. 0,00 promile

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