16 August 2007

DISSECTION (Cro) - Submit , demo 02.1993.

So,we have Dissection again (for the new people here,Dissection-the Croatian ones-did two demos and then changed the name into AEON.),and this time we go from the very beginning and here is their first demo,an extremely good beginning.Recorded in the EAR Studio,the legendary studio where most of the bands from Pula recorded their demos.).Played very well,they were one of the first serious bands in Croatia playing Death Metal.Unfortunately,they lasted just few years and then split-up.You should have this one,to document a period of Croatian Metal.And,oh yeah,more Dissection/Aeon to come on this blog..Thanx to Rio666.

01.Left to decay
03.Submit to suffer

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Anonymous said...

"ssenkrad fo snroh" ak se dobro secam....


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