10 February 2008

GORI USSI WINNETOU (Cro) - Addio Pola , cassette 1986

Franci Blaskovic is undoubtely the most interesting character of the Croatian underground scene.Playing from the 60s in various bands,having his first recording with the weird Arinka I Tingl Tangl band,and finally going strong with his Gori Ussi Winnetou band/project since 1986 (or at least recording since 1986.).Vocalist and bass guitar player.A guy that never ever wanted to be mainstream,a guy that refuse to play live in Pula (there were the art director of the rock club Uljanik in pula that denied the gig in the club for GUW,and Franci ever since never played a show in Pula.),a guy called "the Istrian Frank Zappa",a guy that few days ago released his 50th album (??!!)(and the last 40 albums all self-released in 4-5 years!!)..I could tell you about him all day long,I know him personally,and more or less worked with him (in the club Uljanik) few years in the 90s..but let`s return to this tape.This is his cult first album as GUW,very significant for the Istrian area,a mix-up of various styles all thrown into a cabaret-style of composing,all talking about the life in Pula and all in a language that he invented,a mix-of istrian-italian-german-englishlanguage with just a little Croatian...It is not the usual stuff I put here,but it is very significant in the Croatian underground.Well,Istrian underground..

01.Addio Pola
02.Radio merda
03.La mula Jole
04.Balkan lover
05.Born to be BU a Scoio Livi
06.Romanita della kita
07.Caro mio Filippo
08.Grand hotel Maria
10.Compagno Glembajevic be good
11.Wa boys



Maja said...

we have an Addio Pola CD release in our shop and i wonder how this was released because i see only the cassette and this CD comes in a cardboard booklet with no label or catalog number.. Can you tell me something about it?
Please write to my mail maja.milich (at) gmail.com

Maja said...


mi imamo jedno Addio Pola CD izdanje u ducanu, pa me zanima ako znate kako je to izdano? Inace samo vidim da se spominje kazeta koja je izasla na Suzy ali ovaj CD dolazi u kartonskom bookletu i nema nikakve oznake labela ili broja na sebi..

Ako znate kako je to izaslo javite mi na mail maja.milich (at) gmail.com


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