09 February 2008

VONDUR (Swe) - Stridsyfirlysing , cd 1995

Hahahahahahaa..if there is a funny side of Black Metal,then these guys are kings!As you can see from the sticker on the cover,the main character here is IT,the guy from Abruptum,and with him is ALL (total true Black Metal art-names,right?).I have never seen funnier facepaints,and as far as I remember from the original colour cover,one of them has YELLOW instead of white (I think it was All)!!??!!And tell me,how scary can be All in the picture up here??Anyway,both LOSERS.As for the music..well,it is not even that bad,actually,I like it more than a mass of so-called Black Metal bands.The main line on the cover that hooked me at once and have me fascinated by this band is "VONDUR PLAYS UNTUNED!".Yes,ladies and gents,Vondur plays fuckin totally untuned!!But as the level of distorsion is pretty high,it doesn`t matter because you can`t recognise the tunes anyway.But I love this cd.Oh yes,I do.
I am pretty sure that they wanted to do a perverted parody of Black Metal,and boy,they succeded pretty much!

01.Kynning-Einvaldnir er her
02.Dreptu allur
03.Uppruni vonsku
04.Kynning-Fjordi riku
05.Fjordi rikins uppgangur
06.I eldur og prumur
08.Hrafins auga er sem speglar a botni af Satans svartasalur
09.Eitt bergmal ur framtidinnar dagar
10.Kirkjur skola brenna
12.Gud er dainn
13.Ekki Krist-opinberun I+II
14.Eg daemi oss til dauda
15.Ekki nein verdur saklaus
16.Beitir hnifar skera djufur
17.Hofdingi Satan



Funeralmoth said...

The picture is hilarious...
Tänks för thät.


Or die.

(Also thanx for demo)

luis said...

gracias por este disco tenia años en no escucharlo
gracias desde mexico

-d said...

Thanks for putting this up. I'm surprised that no one has mentioned that All is a midget. It just makes the whole package a little bit stranger.

Anyone interested in this should check out early Abruptum. This actually sounds more like structured songs than the Abruptum stuff. I guess they are both pretty absract for Black Metal.

No matter which is 'stranger' thanks again for putting this up.


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