16 February 2008

PROBLEMI (Cro) - demo 1978 + 2 bonus tracks

I thank Vladimir for this one,ladies and gents,here is a nice rarity!The Pula`s first Punk-rock band Problemi,the only one that found it`s way to the legendary Novi Punk Val compilation,proudly representing Pula.As every rare tape found,this one have the sign of times,it is not a perfect sound,and for an unknown reason,the one who ripped the tracks from the tape was not so accurate,so some songs are cut in or cut at the end,but believe me,if you want a document of the very beginnings of Punk Rock in a communist country as Yugoslavia was,this recording worth gold.
PS;the bonus tracks here are from another recording,a more professional recording,but probably from a year or two later.

02.Rano je ustao
04.Grad izobilja
05.Momak ti si lud
09.Mrzim ih
bonus track Problemi
bonus track Uzalud pokusavam

PROBLEMI - DEMO 1978 + 2 bonus tracks

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