26 March 2008

KUD IDIJOTI (Cro) - Fuck , EP 1996

What to say about the greatest Croatian Punk Rock band ever?They released 4 EP`s and this one is their last,maybe the less known because is released in their own production,it was not on the compilation with the first three EP`s and what is maybe most important,it is released in 1996,when the vinyl releases were (for a bigger part of audience) not interesting anymore and buried forever.That`s why this release could be really interesting for you,thanx to Florijan for this.As for the music..KUD Idijoti have their own style they play almost three decades,a melodic Punk Rock with HC stains here and there.Very nice!
PS:..and yes,my brother Chriss plays the drums with them momentarily..

01.Sam biram frendove
02.Politicki podobna pjesma (PPP)
03.Evropo pomozi


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