29 March 2008


I was watching some videos of gigs I organized when I lived in Pula back in the 90s,and I wanted to show you pieces of those gigs.There were not that much gigs,and I don`t have videos for all of them (I miss the Anti-Nowhere League video,as well as the Sickening Gore one),but I hope you will enjoy these here.
I will try to put them here chronologically,as I am not sure myself of the exact dates.

The first and surely the biggest was the Carcass gig in Pula,the 5th of May 1992.Carcass were the first bigger international band to visit Croatia after the proclamation of independence.They were very brave to come to Pula,as the war was raging at some 150 km air-distance from Pula.The gig was held at the terrace of the touristic village Verudela in the Pula suburbs.The bill was Hatross (Pula),Cenotaph (Trieste,Italy) and Carcass.

Here is a piece of Cenotaph;

and the unforgettable Carcass;

After that,I think the first great band that came to Pula was Disharmonic Orchestra.They played at the Powerfest 93 Metal festival as headliners,the 1st of May of 1993.They gave us a great show,playing after 8 Croatian,1 Italian and one slovenian band.

This was the beginning of their show:

Next was also a great Metal package;Pula was one of the cities visited by a great tour by Nuclear Blast/Earache recording artists,Macabre,Brutal Truth and Pungent Stench.We were pretty lucky to have this package at home,because the gig in Florence Italy was cancelled,and we jumped in (on the tour shirts,by the date 2nd June 1994 is written Florence).Pungent Stench were very popular in Pula at the time,and this was the third try to take them there.

The gig started off with Macabre,a band we also liked a lot at the time,and Serial Killer was one of the most favourite tune I played on the DJ nights (I was also the DJ in the club then).You can see the reaction of the crowd..

After them came Brutal Truth.See what a blast was their beginning of the show!

Wow..and then,finally,Pungent Stench came out and did a really fucking great show!Hear Cochino starting Klyster Boogie in Croatian!

The next gig,as far as I remember,was the Fleshcrawl gig.They played just a day after I arranged the gig,so there was just some 20 of us in the audience.

A very strange gig,but powerful:

Just few days after that,we had another nice package,this time a HC/Punk one,with three bands;the german Growing Movement (not bad,but don`t have a video uploaded) , and the americans Ignite and Slapshot.Even Slapshot were a bigger and known band at that moment,Ignite had all our sympathies.

Here is a piece of Ignite;

and a piece of Slapshot too;

That year,1994,was a very good year for gigs;the last bigger show we had was the legendary MDC.They were supported by Fifteen,but I didn`t uploaded their video.Instead,watch MDC in a blasting Chicken Squawk.MDC did a show in front of over a thousand people going totally insane,there were people jumping off the PA,even Dave Dictor told them to cool off,that somebody might get hurt.

Check this out;

I hope you liked this stuff!

And now...

...to end this pretentious post,here is a video from a show that wasn`t mine,Hamo of Headbanger did it;

Cannibal Corpse,the 3rd of May 1998.

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