04 January 2008

CROSSFIRE (Cro) - Crossfire , demo 1992

Ok,subsequently I received some info on this band.The band was the Sauron`s singer new band after leaving Sauron in 1990.Fairly and perfectly produced and played melodic Heavy Metal,as on their only album,already posted here.An interesting track is the Croatian sang version of Deep Purple`s BURN (here with their own lyrics,entitled Svi U Raj).Again,a piece for the collectors.Enjoy.

02.Svi u raj
03.Broken hero
04.Stayin alone
05.Chains of love
06.Laka vam noc
08.Ti kriva si
09.Opet sanjam
10.Better tomorrow
12.Silver rain

SAURON - Crossfire , demo 199x

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