30 January 2008

CRUCIFIST (U.S.A.) - Rehearsal demo 2005

Of course you recognized the guy in the middle,definitely the most hyperactive guy in the metal scene EVER (he was and/or is member of 15 bands!!) and a great friend and musician,Danny Lilker.Well,this is the band he is mostly concentrated on the last few years (besides Brutal Truth),a technically interesting mixture of various metal styles,defined on the net as Black Metal,but for my opinion not even close to it.You have to try it to decipher what is it.I am not discovering hot water with this one,this demo is on their site for free download,but I put it here just to make the things easier for you.This is the first post I will describe only with the word Metal,because I don`t want to make a mistake here..

01.Curse of the plasma hound
02.Demon-haunted world
03.Putrid motherload
04.Skull-smashing face-ripping death


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