02 February 2008


Now figure it out..I laughed my jaw off when I first listened to these mash-ups..The adress in the title is the adress of the site where you can find all the seven mash-ups somebody did.I send congratulations to the guy who did this,it is no problem to do such things,but I think it takes some time,and I don`t have one,so this things are not to be gotten serious,but just to have some fun.Things are the following;somebody took the musical parts of a band and added to it the vocals from another,here we have combinations of Metal bands and mainstream vocals.My absolute favourites are the Napalm Death and Carcass mash-ups.Enjoy this one and I hope you`ll have fun just as I did.

Carcass vs. Missy Elliott
Delta 9 vs. Sean Paul
Entombed vs. Outkast
Godflesh vs. Destiny`s Child
Napalm Death vs. Shakira
Pitchshifter vs. B-52`s
Terrorizer vs. 50 Cent



7inchcrust said...

ahahha, this is incredible shit!!! :)

Alexcro said...

Yeah,really.Too funny.


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