16 November 2007

LEUKKEMIAA (Cro) - Uljanik , Pula , 24.06.1994.

Eheeeh,here`s another LKAA (shortened for Leukkemiaa) gig,this one ripped from the VHS tape..it was a summer gig with another band,I can`t remember which one,things ran out of control,I was totally drunk that evening,so drunk that at some point I played the same track twice,while the rest of the band continued with the set list..well,whatever.For the fans,it is another wasted 30 MB,for the others it`s even worse..

PS;Here`s a video of a track from this gig..

01.Let`s go crazy (Tajci cover)
03.Quattro mura
04.Rustning ar ett brott (Mob 47 cover)
05.Armeiaan (Sekunda cover)
06.3. svjetski rat
07.4. svjetski rat
08.Harmonija (U.B.R. cover)
09.Deaf metal
10.Everb (Wehrmacht cover)
11.E (Wehrmacht cover)
12.Micro E (Wehrmacht cover)
13.Propast Pulskih picki
14.Controlled by fear (Fear Of God cover)
15.The ballad of Kurt Cobain
16.Smells like shotgun powder (Nirvana cover)
17.Fuck authority (Raw Power cover)
18.Shit for breakfast
19.Gabba Gabba umrla ti babba (Ramones cover)
20.Gabba Gabba (drummer)/Surfin bird (rest of the band) (Ramones covers)
21.Surfin bird (Ramones cover)
22.Pas pas (traditional)
23.Die or die
24.Outo maa (Terveet Kadet cover)


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