11 November 2007

SARATOGA (Cro) - Powerfest 93 , Pula , 01.05.1993.

With this band we are almost finished with the recordings from Powerfest `93.Let me explain you in few lines about it;Powerfest was the second part of a two day festival made in Pula the last day of April and first of May 1993.The first day was called Histeria party and it was dedicated to alternative music and Punk/HC,all that I remember from that day is that Majke played and as guests By All Means from Italy.The second day was called Powerfest,and the bands played that day were ; Killing Feeling , Saratoga , Sexton , Hatross , Leukkemiaa , Kain , Drinking Skull , D.T.W. , Cenotaph and Disharmonic Orchestra.We had here (with this one) 6 of these recordings,one more to go,and three for which I forgot to put the tape ; both my bands Hatross and Leukkemiaa and unfortunately Kain.
Saratoga were a band pretty active at the time.Of course,as this festival collected almost the biggest names of the Croatian Metal underground of that time,they were also here,A very good performance ruined by the breaking of a guitar string,but any way here is a part of their show,2 and half songs,at least for the collectors to have a moment of this band on tape.

01.unknown title (cut in)
02.unknown title
03.unknown title

SARATOGA - POWERFEST `93 , PULA , 01.05.1993.

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