11 September 2007

PIGGY`S home jam tapes (CAN)

It is incredible and very sad the fact that in the last 5 years so many Metal musicians died..and mostly of some diseases or heart failures..Piggy (the guitarist of Voivod,just in case some of you don`t know) was one of them,we knew for a long time back about his cancer,but it killed him slowly.
The stuff here is given to me by Rio of Bolesno Grinje,he found it somehow on the net,and it`s a collection of untitled bits (well,not really,the tracks are pretty long..) Piggy made on his computer before he died.I do not even know the possible date of those recordings,very surely after the year 2000.So,this post is dedicated to everything Piggy did through his life.



Paka said...

A šteta čovika, nije baš da san sluša Voivod nešto puno, al gadno je kad neko tako ode zbog bolesti...

Alexcro said...

Pa u tome je stvar,prijatelju;on,Paul Baloff,Quorthon,Chuck Schuldiner.... a sve legende..


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