11 September 2007

ATOMSKO SKLONISTE (Cro) - Infarkt , lp 1978

The second album from the Pula`s Hard Rock band Atomsko Skloniste is Hard as the 1st one,with which they showed that they won`t mellow out as Bijelo Dugme did.Until the last album with the vocalist Sergio Blazic,AS were a pure Hard Rock band,with few ballads or easy songs here and there,but basically a stubborn Hard Rock act.This is a great album.

PS;Oh,yeah,I forgot to say;Atomsko Skloniste had few extravagant album covers;this one (the vinyl,right?) was all done in carton (hard paper),and it looked like this;

The autograph you see is the drummer`s Sasa Dadic.And this package also contained a nice album of band`s artistic pictures by the photographer Tone Stojko.

01.Na proplanku ceka cvijet
02.Na kraju stoljeca
04.Radjaju se nova djeca
05.Bez kaputa
06.Djevojka broj 8
07.Pakleni vozaci
08.Zvao sam i miliciju
09.Periferni vremeplov
10.Oni sto dolaze za nama

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micksguitar said...

great lp.what more can i say.thank you


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