11 September 2007


Oh,yeah,I am back!!The vacation is over,I start to work next Monday,so I have few days to fill this days that passed sunbathing,swimming in the sea,headbanging at Uljanik and singing my guts out on the rehearsal of the Pula`s cover band VIS Thunderbirds.And not forgetting the beautiful dinner with my wife,my brother,his wife and their lovely daughters,Sarah and Noah.But on top of everything,the extraordinary dinner at my friends Cotka (if you noticed,he was the engineer and producer of many bands here,like ; Hatross,Sexton,Dissection/Aeon,Desinence Mortification,Anti Otpad,AntiTodor i Talenti...well,almost the complete Pula scene from the 90s!),who prepared an incredible fish plate,followed by tasty white wine..Oh,well..sorry,I went too far in explaining.So,the main happening there was the PULA ROCK party,dedicated to the underground scene of the 70s-80s-90s,for which a documentary movie (actually,there will be two movies!) is getting ready to hit the road.This party was a warming up,the main happening will be somewhere in the summer 2008.This party summoned all of us metalheads,punx and anyone ever involved in the Pula underground.The meeting was pretty emotive,there were dozens of people I haven`t seen for 10 years..Here are some pics;The action that night was..you know..you see..well known.

Me and Rio from..well..too many bands to mention..

Tomo from Blockade Runner in action,headbanging like in good ole times..

And all of us headbanging for the good times..

Another great thing I was part of was the rehearsal of a Pula cover band VIS Thunderbirds.As my brother Chriss plays drums there,I went to a rehearsal with him,and inevitabely became part of that rehearsal;first I played bass on some covers while Tea was away,and then they gave me the mike and the thing rolled on..

On those two pics,we did HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN by SEX PISTOLS..woooow,goosebumps coming!!

And at the end,we did the inevitable;half of LEUKKEMIAA pictured together again!!Pizzo even put a plastic bag as on the very first gig..and me and Tezza dying out laughing..

The last day before leaving,Cotka made a farewell dinner..I adore eating,and this one was a suicide..I am not a fish fan,but I ate 3 of those!!Tell me now you wouldn`t too..........................

OK,enough of that..back to business.The usual guys there (Mladen and Zlayo) gave me a ton of material in Pula,stuff you will lick your fingers for (STOP STARING AT THOSE FISHES,I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT THEM!!).I will not tell you nothing about,you will have to stay tuned to this magnificent blog.And I am sure you will...


PS;I posted some cca 10 posts retrogradely,so check the 10-15 posts before this report!!

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Anonymous said...

hey man! thise fish looks great and I'm hungry, where can I buy it?


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