05 August 2007

WEHRMACHT (USA) - Biermacht , lp 1989

This was a giant step forward,for my opinion.The album have a great loud production,and an incredible instrumental execution.Just listen to "The Wehrmacht" and the breaks in it(perfection),and you will get what I mean.When you add to that the humour the guys always had,this is a must along with the Shark Attack one.I wish they`d do a tour again..I`d die for that.

01.You broke my heart (so I broke your face)
02.Gore flix
03.Drink beer,be free
04.The wehrmacht
05.Everb + e + micro e
07.Night of pain
08.Balance of opinion
09.Suck my dick
10.Drink Jack
11.Radical neck dissection
12.Beer macht

WEHRMACHT - BIERMACHT , LP 1989 (mediafire)

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