05 August 2007

PAKET ARANZMAN (Ser) - Belgrade New-wave bands compilation lp 1980

What you have here is probably the best compilation ever from the ex-Yugoslavia,even if it contains just three bands.This one is a cult-record and the one that signed the zenith of Yugoslavian New Wave.All bands have a Punkish sound,but every one in his own way.There are also strange moments,as the VIS IDOLI song "Amerika" on which in 8 minutes and 12 seconds there goes repeatedly only one musical phrase and a voice repeating "And I say;Ah,where is America?"..Or one of the most known song of the Yugoslav alternative music,the SARLO AKROBATA ska-punk miniature "Niko kao ja"...Or one of the best Yugoslav Punk songs ever,the ELEKTRICNI ORGAZAM`s "Zlatni papagaj"..The tracklist on the record varies from this one,here the bands are grouped,on the vinyl the songs are in random way.If anyone wishes the right tracklist,just send me a message.Of course,highly recommended!

01.VIS IDOLI - Maljciki
02.VIS IDOLI - Plastika
03.VIS IDOLI - Schwule uber Europa
04.VIS IDOLI - Amerika
05.ELEKTRICNI ORGAZAM - Krokodili dolaze
06.ELEKTRICNI ORGAZAM - Zlatni papagaj
08.SARLO AKROBATA - Ona se budi
09.SARLO AKROBATA - Oko moje glave
10.SARLO AKROBATA - Mali covek
11.SARLO AKROBATA - Niko kao ja


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