05 August 2007

GATE (Cro) - Void , demo 1997

I am sorry that I cannot say nothing about this band..Well,almost nothing;I know they were from Rijeka and at least one member was member of the Rijeka`s "Cradle Of Filth" clones CASTRUM.
I got this demo right from that guy,and what we have here is a very nice Melodic Thrash Metal,with three demo songs and three live bonus tracks (of which I don`t know the names).So if you are still searchin for pieces of Croatian Metal history,take this one!

01.Blowin` the dust
02.Jester`s song
03.Void within
04.unknown live track 1
05.unknown live track 2
06 unknown live track 3


1 comment:

Crispy said...

Great recording, great songs, great quality! \m/


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