11 August 2007

KRIZA (Cro) - Success? , demo 01.10.1992.

Kriza was a band from Pula,part of the invasion of bands in Pula in the first part of the 90s.They played a very harsh HC-Thrash,and accidentally I left a mark on this demo as a guest,singing almost all the backing vocals.They did only this demo,and few gigs,and then disappeared.This demo is officially released as part of the split tape with Blockade Runner in 1993 (or 4).


01.Intro+White pig
03.Bad dreams
05.They leave only a dust
06.Anti chemicals
08.Irregular die

KRIZA - SUCCESS? , demo 01.10.1992.

1 comment:

Damir said...

Odlicno. Znao sam za njih, ali nikada nisam imao prigodu cuti demo, sirovi thrash/core, malo vuce na Devastation vokalno ;). Hvala za ovo, uljepsalo mi je ovaj dosadni sljakerski tjedan tu u klokanojebini. Ajde stavi lajv od Devastation ak imas, nisam vas imao prigodu vidit uzivo dok ste przili, Hatross sam gledao.


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