30 August 2007

LEUKKEMIAA feat. TAJCI (Cro) - Uljanik , Pula , 24.12.1994.

Huh,what can I say..we had a reminder on the party in Pula about this one..it was fucking insane.We were the (unwanted) support band,to the KUD Idijoti`s traditional Christmas show.Tending to go to the max this time,we decided that we will do a show and announce it as a show with TAJCI (the Croatian teen star who sang probably the best Eurovision song ever,Hajde da ludujemo,in 1990),and so we dressed Pizzo as Tajci.Plus,we put posters of Tajci all over the town..there were more than a thousand people at that show,and for the first few minutes,the people watching us truly believed that there is Tajci herself!!!To cut the long story short,this gig was an incredible blast,the crowd laughed their asses off..This is a VHS-rip,so the sound is pretty extremely loud..

01.Smokvizza (playback)
02.Rustning ar ett brott (Mob 47 cover)
03.Shit for breakfast
04.Gabba gabba umrla ti babba (Ramones modificated cover)
05.P.P.P. (Propast pulskih picki)
06.U.B.H. (Uljanik burn in hell)
07.Quattro mura
08.Treci svjetski rat+Cetvrti svjetski rat
09.Moj mali je opasan (playback)
10.Pas pas (Can Can-cover)
11.Outo maa (Terveet Kadet cover)
12.Die or die
13.Armeiaan (Sekunda cover)
14.Smells like shotgun powder (Nirvana uncover)
15.Kannabis kukkakappoihin (Kansan Uutiset cover)
16.Hajde da ludujemo (Tajci cover)

LEUKKEMIAA feat. TAJCI (Cro) - ULJANIK , PULA , 24.12.1994.

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