28 August 2007

I am leaving for Pula,on the 1st September!!The blog will have a pause!

So,dear friends,I don`t know if I`ll have any free time to salute you,so I am announcing that this blog will stop for some 13 days (from more or less 31st August till 12th September) .Of course,just for those 13 days,when I`ll enjoy the city of PULA,sea,sleep,friends,resting and mental calm.Oh yeah,and the beautiful PULA ROCK party on 7th September
for which I would like all of you to be there,but..maybe I`ll post some pics of it,on my return..I will pump now this thing before I leave,and when I return,I am really afraid that there will be a megaton of demos,albums and stuff!!Just stay tuned..you will always get served..and surprised,here!


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