28 August 2007

DISSECTION (Cro) - Afterlife , demo 12/1993

I am really sorry I don`t have any pic for this recording,but I have to ask Rio if he can give me some vintage Dissection pics..Awright,this is the second Dissection demo,I guess this is the one just before they turned into AEON..Almost all tracks are contained in the first AEON demo,so..well,this is another fine product of those Death Metal virtuosos from Pula,obviously still a part of their beginnings,but a very good recording (of course,EAR studio from Stinjan) and very good stuff in here!!It is Pula,got it?

01.Dead they wait
02.Blinded by the afterlife
03.Gyratory stars
04.Clean hands of eternal gods
05.Irrigation of passing souls


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