15 July 2007

UNSAFE AT ANY SPEED (USA) - compilation single 1982

Have you ever listened to the best punk/HC compilation ever,and by this I mean,of course, "This Is Boston,Not L.A."?You didn`t?OK,that compilation is on plan for upload,but meanwhile taste this compilation,which is as good as the mentioned one,with bands that are all part of the mentioned one.This single is in fact a kind of "enlargement" of T.I.B,N.L.A.All the tracks are really exciting,full energy punk/HC,and the compilation cannot start better than with the (at the time) ultrafast GANG GREEN.This one is obligatory,believe me.

01.GANG GREEN - Selfish

02.GROINOIDS - Empty skull
03.PROLETARIAT - Voodoo economics

04.JERRY`S KIDS - Machine gun

05.F.U.`s - CETA suckers

06.THE FREEZE - Refrigerator heaven

UNSAFE AT ANY SPEED - Compilation single 1982

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