20 July 2007

VIS IDOLI (Ser) - Vis Idoli , mini lp 1981

Ok,I think you understood finally that you will find everything here,not only Metal and Punk/HC.And so,here we have a first mini lp from a Belgrade-based band,one of the first of the Yugoslavian New Wave invasion at the beginning of the 80s.If I am not wrong,the promo show for this mini lp,along with FILM,was the first "real" concert I have seen (I was 12,right?).So this thing is a little emotionally nostalgic too.I will post a lot of records from that periods,maybe some of you will be interested in the history of Yugoslavian new wave music from the beginning of the 80s.Now about the record.First of all,in this posting,under the name of the VIS Idoli`s first mini-lp (actually,it was a maxi-single,I still have the vinyl!!),here you have included also their very first single,and it is here as the first two songs.The music here is a melodic,and a bit artistic New Wave.I cannot compare them to any band,but if you like something melodic..there you go..

02.Retko te vidjam sa devojkama
03.Ime da da
04.Zasto su danas devojke ljute
05.Devojko mala
06.Dok dobuje kisa (u ritmu tam-tama)

VIS IDOLI - VIS IDOLI , mini lp 1981


Beneficient Dictator said...

Wow! Been after this for a while. I'd like to say that I'd buy it, but this, and other fabulous YU music, is not available in the UK. Keep up the great posts! Hvala! Neil

Alexcro said...

Just let me know at my e-mail what you need.


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