13 October 2008

ZABRANJENO PUSENJE (BiH) - Das ist Walter , lp 1984

..and this is the second excellent album from 1984,the album from one of the strongest band of the 80s coming from the beautiful city of Sarajevo.ZP (translated it is No Smoking) when the war started,they escaped in Croatia and Serbia,and the band splitted in two equally ultrabad sequels,the Serbian ZP (with the vocalist and the symbol of the first band,Nele Karajlic) and the Croatian ZP (with the guitarist and soul of the first band,Sejo Sexton).I could talk for hours about the ZP of the 80s,but instead,I give you this great and strange album,less Poppy than Bajaga`s and more to the ground and more instrumentalistically sophisticated.After the Punk outburst of Anarhija All Over Bascarsija,the band touches almost every corner of New Wave and rock music.One sad thing is that the title of the album (as well as the intro) are taken from a TV serie called "Valter defends Sarajevo" in which Sarajevo was shown as a symbol of never giving up..
after all that happened to the city and its citizens,I am very happy that the city is breathing again with full lungs.I love you,Sarajevo.

01.Intro/Das ist Walter
02.Anarhija all over Bascarsija
04.Put u srediste rudnika Kreka Banovici
05.Selena,vrati se
06.Necu da budem svabo u dotiranom filmu
07.Seki is on the road again
08.Kino Prvi Maj
09.Pamtim to kao da je bilo danas
10.Zenica blues
11.Cejeni odlaze



Chris said...

Hi there, Great Blog!!

Is there any chance to upload (if you have them) "Festering Pus EP", "Chainsaw Masochist" and "Teenage Lard" from Rancid Hell Spawn??

Thank you very much!!

Chris said...

Hi, great blog... some great discoveries for me here...
Just to ask if you have "Planet Haj" from Mama Bubo... saw a video on youtube and was love at first sight...!!


Alexcro said...

Hi,friend.Glad you found stuff for your ears.Never heard of MB,but I`ll try to find some..

Anonymous said...

Cheers for this upload!


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