12 October 2008

C.O.H. (Cro) - C.O.H. , cd 2008

As I announced to you,here is the third one-man-band from Pula,and the second from Bolesno Grinje (haha,and what about Rio??).This is BG`s bassist Hoc solo album (he have the "solo" name in the same vein as his bandmate Jule,he just inverted his nickname.),and it is a very nice Punk/HC collection of songs.I am totally proud of those two guys,who are holding the Pula`s name very high.And,of course,can`t wait next weekend to meet Bolesno Grinje in Novi Marof,Yeah!!Enjoy this stuff,man!

03.Cop on my back
04.Live your fucking life
05.Work till death
06.Headless stories
07.No more dickheads
08.Punch drunk
09.Bitter taste
10.Last march before retreat

C.O.H. - C.O.H. , CD 2008

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