18 October 2008

EXILED (Ser/U.S.A.) - Blood sea , cd 2007

Can you imagine a more Metal cover as this one?You probably can,but let me explain you why I told that.I want you to understand how METAL this cd is.What we have here is a band that plays great Heavy Metal,and they do it very well!This band is from Arizona,and has a member that lives a period in Serbia and the other in the US.As I was told,he does all the music for this band,and that means he is a great talent.Well,enjoy this recording,and you surely will if you like uncompromising Metal.Oh,yeah,and let`s not forget:Darko is the contributor!Thanx!

01.Fire across the land
02.Fools gold
03.Circle of violence
04.The kingdom has fallen
05.The medieval chant
06.Blood sea
07.United in bloodshed
08.They spoke to us
09.The world stood still (Srebrenica)


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

btw, the guys name is Erol (Emkic , last) and he is almost directly connected to Alex, they both have very good metalhead friend, Alex in 80s and Erol in 90s :)


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