26 August 2008

ROCK GODDESS (U.K.) - Rock goddess , lp 1983

Now,to finish this "female celebration day",the best female Metal album I have ever heard (with Girlschool`s Hit And Run,of course).Those three beauties up here (I have to be very careful with calling them beauties,as the guitarist/vocalist Jody Turner was 17,and her sister,the drummer Julie Turner at the time of recording this album was only 12 years old!!!)(and the drums,very rhytmical and strong,are IMO the best part of this album!) recorded this debut album under the production of Vic Maile (Motorhead,Girlschool...oooops,same story??No way this time.),and at the time I heard it for the first time (back in 83) it was one of the best Metal albums of the moment!You have to try it,if you like Metal melodic and raw,but very very strong.Oh yeah,I almost forgot:the last two tracks are not featured on the original vinyl release.I recommend especially tracks 6-11..fucking great!!
PS:The first vid here is for the track My Angel,and the bass here is played by Kelly Johnson of Girlschool (instead of Tracy Lamb,who played the album!).

02.Back to you
03.The love lingers still
04.To be betrayed
05.Take your love away
06.My angel
07.Satisfied then crucified
08.Start running
09.One way love
10.Make my night
11.Heavy Metal Rock `n` Roll
12.In the heat of the night
13.Our love`s gone


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