28 August 2008

40 GRADI (Cro) - Hi-tech re:search , promo CD 2008


Finally!! There passed a long time since we had those maniacs here!!Now,I have the privilege to be the first to offer you this insane product of total rakija-fueled Grindcore.
I met the guys personally recently at the Grind Your Mind festival in Varazdin,and as persons you cannot imagine how great and pleasant are those guys,but as band..I admit,I haven`t seen such an amount of audio-brutality with an exciting stage show EVER!!A band that instantly became one of my top 5 Croatian bands.This promo cd was promised to me that day,as soon as it came from the masterisation in Czech Rep.,and I really thank the band for sending me it at once.
I hope I will see them live
again very soon,and they will soon play in Vienna 2 times,so if you are able,go and see this ultrainsane Grindcore display of brutality.Oh yes,I forgot,and try Zoran`s excellent Rakija (grape brandy),winner of silver medal on a Rakija contest (believe me,it deserves pure gold!!).
Dedicated to all grindcore maniacs.A great thank you to the guys in the band!
P.S: The video here is my shooting and it is from the mentioned GYM festival performance.

05.Kotec rap
06.Pelc aparat
08.Rakija search engine
09.Alarmitalin (bonus mixed Bolesno Grinje+Negligent Collateral Collapse cover)

40 GRADI - PROMO CD 2008

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