29 August 2008

ANTITOPLES (Cro) - Rehearsal 2008

Allright,all-girl Punk band.Actually,those girls are active just a little more than a year,and they have already a good following and a cool amount of played gigs.I saw them accidentally the first time last year at the opening of the Varazdin`s Trash Film Festival,and they was a very pleasant surprise to me.Down here you have the video of a part of that first show,it was not perfectly played (not that anyone expected so) but it was immensely pretty.I saw them another time later,and the band is improving it`s skills,from gig to gig.This post comes as an announcement of their gig in Cakovec on September the 13th.On a Punk Rock festival,the Punk Chicks will have their performance playing alongside with KUD Idijoti (can`t wait for that!).And so,here is their first unofficial recordings,a rehearsal recorded on a dictaphone,not of great quality,very raw but enough to hear how they improved.Nice one,girls,see you on the show!!

..and few more vids:

01.Nikad od pankera covjeka
02.Pank za sve
03.Si na shank roke (Ramones cover)


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