05 May 2008

RANCID HELL SPAWN (U.K.) - Axe hero , cd 1992

After Gruuthaagy,I decided to celebrate this day as day of noise and distortion,and add another post.This time is the very interesting and funny,but headache-bringing distortion-all-over one man band (again!) Rancid Hell Spawn.I posted already one album by RHS (Jumpin` Jack Flesh),so if you liked it,of course it is absolutely a must to have also this one.So,get ready for another dose of Punky distortion!!!And I am sure you will fall in love with the distorted hillbilly punk A Trip To The Worm Farm!!

01.Pitchfork party
02.Thug with a brain
03.Eyeball in my mouth
04.Sexy girl with a sexy gun
05.I`m in love with a gangster`s moll
06.The ballad of Bud Dwyer
07.A trip to the worm farm
08.Mansion of bubbler
09.Defribillator dreaming
10.Pig bucket
11.Axe hero
12.Brown ink in my pen
13.Oil slick surfer
14.Vermin sewer rat from hell
15.Rebel with a bus pass
16.Gastro boy
17.Drip feed baby
18.The drunken surgeon
19.Flesh mammooth
20.Eat my shoe
21.Tartrazine fix
22.Freak Orlando


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