08 May 2008

ORKESTAR BOBANA MARKOVICA (Ser) - Kralj srpske trube , cd 2004

I already had a post of this kind of music,and I remained extremely surprised when I saw that I am not the only one to like the Serbian Gypsy Music from Trumpet Orchestras,and even more,the previous post was among the most downloaded stuff on this blog!!!This is my favourite of all World Musics.So,this time we have ultimatively THE BEST OF THE BEST,the one and only Boban Markovic and his Trumpet Orchestra.Boban is acclaimed literally worldwide as the best worlds band of Gypsy music,and this cd is a kind of compilation of his early works.Recently,with The orchestra is called the Boban And Marko Markovic Orchestra,because his son Marko,also a trumpet virtuoso,joined his father in the band.If you liked the first cd+if you are no fucking nationalist+if you want to fill your drunken nights full of rakija with music for shake your body deliriously,this is what you need.Once you get hooked..
PS:This kind of music has its festival in a little west-serbian town called GUČA (read Goocha) by the beginning of August every year (this year is from Aug 6th to Aug 10th),it is 4-5 days of various orchestras playing this kind of music.There is also a movie called GUČA,released in 2006,and in the movie,of course,Marko Markovic is playing the leading role.I hope I will be able soon to bring you the soundtrack.

This video featured some scenes from that festival,featuring Boban Markovic.

And this one is Boban and his orchestra live in Dublin,watch this madness,you wish you were there!!!!

01.Leskovacki Sa
02.Surdulicki Sa
03.Romski Cocek
04.Zajkova igra
05.Djekove gajde
06.Hani Rumba
09.Sapeso Cocek
10.Batin Cocek
11.Samanta Cocek
12.Cocek Sanela
13.Kristijanovo kolo
15.Oj Javore splet
16.Lorhanov Cocek
17.Vlaske trube
18.Dusa Roma
19.Zajdi zajdi


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